CBD Cartridges

Now Selling!!!

CBD Cartridges and CBD Entourage Cartridges (1,000mg)

  • $40 – CBD Cartridge (1,000mg)
  • $20 – CBD Lite Cartridge
  • $60 – CBD Entourage Cartridge (1,000mg with CBD, CBG, CBC and CBN)

It shouldn’t come as a surprise CBD has been picking up “steam” in the vaping industry. After all, many people get into vaping because they’re looking for a non-addictive cigarette alternative. Amazingly, data suggests about 24 percent of CBD users tried this hemp cannabinoid to help combat nicotine addiction. Since CBD is non-psychoactive and non-habit forming, it fits the bill with many vapers.

Healthful Flowers is now featuring two different types of CBD cartridges 1,000mg each. The original CBD cartridge $40 featuring flavors like Bubba Kush, Sour Diesel, Girl Scout Cookies, Pineapple Express and GranDaddy Purp. Flavors will change monthly. It’s great to vape either during the day or night and gives you all the beneficial CBD effects!

Next, the new CBD Entourage cartridge (CBD + CBG + CBC + CBN = Entourage Effect) is now available for $60. The Entourage cartridge contains CBD 44.068%, CBG 2.6%, CBN 5.176% and CBC 7.491%. It gives you the effects from all the different cannabinoids such as anxiety relief, anti-depression, muscle relaxation, pain reduction, sleep aid and overall mood enhancer.

Delta-8 Disposables

  • Delta-8 Disposables – $40
    (500mg with 92% Delta-8 THC)
  • Delta-8 Cartridges – $40
    (1,000mg with 92% Delta-8 THC)

Delta 8 THC (D-8THC) is an analogue and legal alternative to its relative. Unlike the other cannabinoids we’ve worked with, like CBD and CBG, Delta 8 IS psychoactive- as such we cannot recommend using this before operating any vehicles or heavy machinery. Please exercise caution when using any Delta 8 Products and enjoy responsibly.

Disposable vapes provide the same perks of use as cartridges, but contain a built-in battery so that everything you’ll need for a session is entirely self contained.

Silver Owl’s Delta 8 Disposables feature distillate and terpenes derived from the strain of hemp sharing their name- lending that familiar flowery and herbal flavor- are a great addition to any after-dinner routine!