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Super Sour Space Candy

10.35% CBD – Silver Tier – The powerful, unmistakable flavor of extreme lemon and sweet and sour candy are truly out of this world. The buds are nice and dense

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12.8979% CBG – Gold Tier – 2019 Queen City Cannabis Cup Winner! Our Stardust indoor hydroponic CBG hemp flower contains 12.9% CBG with frosty trichomes covering the bright silvery white

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Sour Special Sauce

11.87% CBD – Silver Tier – This strain by Oregon CBD seeds consist of the original Special Sauce crossed with a Sour Diesel lineage.

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Blue Delica

15.296% CBD – Silver Tier – An intriguing cannabinoid profile sets this strain apart from the rest, testing high in CBD. Heavy blueberry and raspberry aromas are complemented with a

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Electric Buffalo

12.753% CBD – Electric Buffalo – 2019 Queen City Cannabis Cup Winner! Electric Buffalo INDOOR Hydroponic hemp flower has a sweet and pungent pine and floral and citrus flavor palette.

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Cherry Mom

19.58% CBD – Gold Tier – This relatively new strain has heavy sedation effects. It’s bud structure is extremely tight and covered in trichomes. Colors range from like green to

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White CBG

12.9% CBG – Silver Tier – The White CBG nugs are dense, sparkling with frost and the buds break apart nice without the need of a grinder. Boasting an earthy

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10.01% CBD – Gold Tier – This amazing sativa dominant hybrid is absolutely beautiful and offers a very smooth flavorful smoke. Purple Tsunami Indoor Hemp Flower was dirt grown indoors

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Sweet Carolina

9.727% CBG – Gold Tier – Extremely frosty tight buds. The smoke is subtle with a earthy pine notes. It’s effects are very similar to that of sour diesel without

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Super Suver Haze

16.79% CBD – Gold Tier – This indoor grown hybrid has tight dense buds with hues of purple. It smells like blueberry pie. The effects are very potent ideal for

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