Founders Travis Freeman & Taylor Reed

Travis and Taylor are lifelong friends who are now providing Tucson with the best selection of CBD products as well as introducing the community to CBG flower and all its benefits.

There was a lack of high quality CBD and CBG cannabis in Southern Arizona, but now Healthful Flowers Tucson’s #1 CBD Dispensary is here providing the best products from all over the nation!

We source our organic cannabis from the great states of Oregon, Colorado, Kentucky, North Carolina, Maryland, Wisconsin, Vermont and more.

Healthful Flowers is proud to be the only purveyor of organic indoor hydroponic CBD and CBG cannabis in Tucson.


What We Sell:

CBD and CBG Products:

Besides selling the best smokable CBD and CBG cannabis, Healthful Flowers specializes in CBD edibles, oils (for people and pets) as well as many other hard-to-find products.

The Art Gallery:

Welcome to The Art Gallery curated by Healthful Flowers to provide Tucsonans with the best art experience in town. The gallery contains pieces from multiple talented local Tucson artists like Sean Terry and Bronwyn Dierssen. We are also proud to feature a Pablo Picasso lithograph from 1964. The goal is to display a unique variety of artwork for our patrons to enjoy and purchase.